Cloud Infrastructure Setup Services

SparkmyCloud helps you architect, build, and manage your highly available cloud infrastructure using your preferred cloud solution. We help you in procuring hardware, implementing the right cloud technology, documenting the entire procedure and training your in-house staff.

SparkmyCloud offers you a portfolio of IT Infrastructure Management services that ensures high availability & scalability, assured uptime and reduced total cost of ownership(TCO) benefits. We provide comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Setup Services to help organizations around the globe optimize their critical IT processes. We also help customers to focus on their core business, whilst leaving us their infrastructure, to our team of Cloud architects.

Cloud Migration Services

SparkmyCloud helps you in moving your existing server application loads to a variety of public or private clouds and even between cloud providers.We analyse your current IT infrastructure and will develop a most diligent strategy that involves capacity planning, migration procedure and maintenance and support for your applications in cloud servers.

SparkmyCloud will ensure that the migration of your application from the traditional servers to cloud will be prompt and smooth without any glitches.

Cloud Management Services

SparkmyCloud helps you to choose a plan from its plethora of custom packages to manage your services running on several cloud platforms. Having had a decade of experience supporting the datacenter industry and hardcore experience in handling mission critical cloud infrastructures , have made us one of the top most cloud managed service providers. SparkmyCloud also provides support on your cloud applications, load-balances and monitors your application health, to make them truly scalable to meet your unexpected traffic spikes

Cloud Consultation Services

SparkmyCloud provides Cloud Consultation Services and also acts as a Cloud Broker. We help customers to analyse their business needs and identify the best suitable cloud service provider to meet their requirements without compromising on benefits like scalability, flexiblity and cost savings etc. We ensure that you have the best cloud adoption strategy when it comes to selecting the best vendor in cloud.