Be one among millions of customers who are using Cloud Services for managing their IT requirements. We will study your requirement and pick up the best services that suits your needs. We can design the systems in such a way that the servers and resources can be scaled up and down automatically when you are launching a new product or expecting a traffic spike. We can make your application Highly Available by using Load Balancers, Availability Zones, Regions etc. If your developers need an environment to deploy application, or you need your entire AWS cloud as a template, we can setup the right solution.

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Amazon Elastic Compute

The popular Amazon EC2 service lets you create and configure Windows and Linux virtual machines. The instance resizability lets you scale up or down an instance when there is a traffic spike. Cut down costs by only paying for the service you use. We will manage your servers effectively and efficiently. Make your applications load balanced and highly available.

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Relational Database

Amazon RDS allows you to build a managed relational database on cloud. We can migrate your existing relational database to RDS. If your application demands replication, we can implement and automate your backups or take snapshots for an easy restore. You can select from a wide range of database application.

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Amazon CloudWatch

Proactively Monitor your AWS resources 24/7 using Amazon CloudWatch -- the Amazon way of monitoring your IT infrastructure. We can configure CloudWatch to collect and track metrics that will be helpful in metering server resources and applications, easily calculate statistics and then present the data graphically in the Amazon CloudWatch console.

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Backup Solution

Having your data backed up is always a good practise in any IT environment. We provide you with onsite and offsite backup solutions.We can utilize snapshot features in AWS as well as open source backup tools to automate the process . The file level restore strategy makes things easier and saves much time.

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Auto Scaling

Do you need an auto scaling solution for
your web application or streaming
platform? Sometimes you may need something more than basic autoscaling in AWS. Our devops can build the more advanced autoscaling platform so that you will get maximum benefits of on demand
resource usage.

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Cloud orchestration

You need your cloud infrastructure as a template? We can create AWS CloudFormation templates for your cloud. You can deploy your entire infrastructure from a single json file! You can add
almost all available AWS resources and define the relations in customizable templates.

What we do

Fully Virtualize your IT infrastructure.

Build Massively Scalable and Reliable IT environment

Infrastructure orchestration with CloudFormation

Build autoscaling framework for your application.

AWS multi region infra setup

Make your applications highly available.

Reduce content access time with CloudFront CDN

Proactively monitor the servers and applications.

Configure your own networking topologies.

Automated Backup Service and Snapshot for instances.

Manage Security Monitoring, Alerting, Audit Trail, and Incident Response

24/7 Technical support.

Dedicated Staffing

Consultation Services

To know more about AWS Services or request a quote, please contact us.

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