Cloud computing can help you significantly cut your IT infrastructure costs. The costs will be also more predictable and will be proportional to the load

Managing the infrastructure is easier on the cloud and it is not necessary to have a big in-house IT staff for maintenance.

Better utilization of IT resources is possible on the cloud. In a traditional IT setup, you would have to budget for the peak load and front load your infrastructure expenditure. However, in a cloud setup, better scalability is possible and resources can be dynamically added on need basis.

In a traditional IT setup, you would have to spend time and resources in installing and configuring each node. In a cloud setup, you can manage your entire computing resource from a single place.

Scalability is hard in a regular server setup. If you get a sudden increase in traffic in your portal, you would not be easily able to add new servers in a timely manner. In a cloud setup, adding and removing servers are very easy easy and manageable.

Cloud computing can offer a robust, distributed storage that can protect you against data loss and service outages.


CFOs and CTOs must understand their IT infrastructure needs and need to plan for it. There are a number of business reasons to move to the cloud, as explained above, and the earlier they decide on their cloud strategy the better it is for the enterprise.


SparkMyCloud will assist you in choosing the right cloud strategy – private, public or hybrid, for your business.

If you decide on a public cloud, we can help you connect with the right service provider. We are a reputed cloud broker with hands-on experience with most providers. We can explain the strengths and weaknesses of each provider and help you pick the right one that fits your needs.

If your privacy policy and technology requirements make you choose private cloud option, we can help you choose the right technologies to setup your private cloud on premise.

For those enterprises that need additional computing resources occasionally, we can help setup a Hybrid cloud option.

Regardless of your cloud strategy – public, private or hybrid, we will help you in migration of data and applications to the cloud.

We will help you manage your cloud and lookout for vulnerabilities, service outages etc.