At SparkMyCloud, our team of experts can help you in setting up and managing your IT infrastructure. We offer the following services:


  • Cloud migration: Migrating to the cloud is a complex task and it requires careful planning and analysis of your storage and application requirements. We can help you develop the right migration strategy and can migrate your data and processes to the cloud with the least amount of service disruption.
  • Infrastructure Management: IOur team of engineers can assist your developers in setting up the production environment, managing the release schedules and getting the infrastructure configured. This will help you run an agile product development team without worrying too much about support.
  • VoIP Solution on Cloud: For businesses providing enterprise-grade VoIP solutions it is imperative that they cut their infrastructure costs while working to improve their reliability. Cloud computing can pair up with VoIP to offer a quality and reliable voice solution at an affordable price. SparkMyCloud's team can setup your VoIP infrastructure on the cloud.
  • Cloud Management: Cloud management is a set of approaches and technologies that lets you leverage the full power of the cloud. We provide you the tools and support to maintain a 24/7 uptime with proper disaster planning and a solution that satisfies your security compliance requirements.
  • Application Development: Application development on the cloud is quite different from application development involving a single server. We can help you plan and design the whole application with the cloud in mind and help you scale your application in a big way.
  • Cloud Enablement: Our cloud enablement service is designed to help you in developing the right cloud strategy that has a sound business footing. We help you understand the flexibility, reliability and scalability, cloud computing can provide. We will provide you with various data points and technical support to choose the right approach in migrating your servers and applications to the cloud.