What is a private cloud ? A simple Google search could yield you with a lot of answers for this simple question, but in order to build a foundation for this article, we need to start with the basics on private cloud computing.
A private cloud is a cloud computing network inside a private network. The cloud computing network will only be used inside the private network and no part of the network will be shared to public outside the network. And the private cloud network will be deployed, managed, and maintained by your IT guys itself. Most of your physical computing devices on your current infrastructure can be re-used as a part of the private cloud thereby saving money and nature by reduce the infrastructure used. A private cloud can be setup in your current infrastructure using any of the private cloud softwares, some of which are open source and some of which are not.

The most commonly used open source private cloud softwares are

  • OpenQRM
  • OpenNebula
  • Openstack
  • Eucalyptus/UEC

And the most common examples of paid/non-open source softwares/services for setting up a private cloud are

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Vmware Vcloud

And here we will be explaining the basic details about “OpenQRM”, its architecture and details on how to create a private cloud network using OpenQRM

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