Cloud Loadbalancers

If you have decided that cloud is the way to go for managing your enterprise infrastructure, you need to give some thought on the migration. Migration is not a simple task and a lot of care must be given to it. It involves migrating confidential information and applications to a place where you might not have a physical access. At SparkMyCloud, we realize the importance of migration and give you unique tools and services to make the migration secure, pain-free and economical.

Advantages of the cloud

Cloud computing offers enormous advantages over traditional ways of managing information on your local desktop or in a LAN. The important advantage involves better access to the data and improved reliability & robustness. Data in the cloud can be easily mirrored and backed up in multiple geographical locations, giving you far higher reliability even if one server location is affected due to natural or man-made disasters. There is also a great advantage of scalability – where you can instantly add new servers and disc spaces to your infrastructure if your website gets a lot of hits. Thus, Cloud computing is a way of utilizing computing infrastructure – applications, data storage, accounting – on the Internet, allowing access to the data and applications from multiple locations.

Our team has experts who can guide you through the right process for the migration. We will hand hold you during the entire process and will help you tap the full power of the cloud.

Migration Issues

Migrating to the cloud typically involves moving the company's files, databases, applications and other services to remote data centers around the world. It has to be done the right way – improper migration can lead to:

  • Data loss
  • Hacker attacks that might compromise or takeover your servers and content.
  • Unavailability of service.
  • Breach of confidential information to competitors and nefarious elements.

Factors to consider before migration

  • Is there a clear financial advantage for managing your servers on the cloud? To answer this you have to compute the cost of running applications in the current way and the cost estimated for operating in the cloud.
  • Are my data and applications secure?
  • Is the content accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world?
  • Does the infrastructure scale easily?
  • Can my applications be used in the same way as I use in my local desktop? Is there enough virtualization supported by my apps?
  • How robust is the data storage? Are there backups stored elsewhere?

At SparkCloud, we know exactly what is to be done with your migration. We have plenty of experience in maintaining IT infrastructure and have worked on cloud migration for a number of our clients. We know that there is not a single solution for everybody. We take great care to understand your needs and tailor solutions for that.

"Moving applications, systems, and even entire architectures to cloud-based platforms is no easy feat. In many cases it requires a core understanding of data, processes, APIs, services, and other aspects about the existing state of IT before planning the move."

Our advantages

  • Solid Team:Our team at SparkMyCloud comprises of a group of rockstar developers and service engineers who understand cloud computing and can give the most optimized solution.
  • Tailor-made solutions: We know the various issues that are related to the migration and we determine whether cloud computing suits you strategically and tactically. Based on this, will provide tailor-made expert advice that fits your needs.
  • Security Testing: We realize that you are migrating content that could be quite sensitive and confidential. So, we make sure there is no way a hacker can get into your server and steal your data. We have elaborate security tests and follow industry standard best practices to make sure only the authorized eyes and hands can access your content. Our migration protects your data and helps you follow the compliance requirements of your regulators.
  • Real Time Testing: When you migrate your important content it is necessary that you do a real time testing to verify if the process worked correctly. Our engineers have developed many scientific methods to test for problems and erase out the wrinkles.
  • Scaling: Cloud computing is about better scalability. We make sure your applications and data are able to scale better and can have a graceful decay with increased load or server issues.
  • Fixing partial Migration: We do the migration in various steps and make sure there is no state inconsistency as we transfer the data and processes.