Cloud Management

Cloud management is a set of approaches and technologies that lets you leverage the full power of the cloud. It includes a collection of tools and software that ensures that your resources are utilized optimally, the core subsystems are monitored to make sure they work well, things are kept working under control and users are able to interact with all the applications in an expected manner.

As cloud computing has gone on to tackle ever more complex business needs, it is imperative that a proper cloud management strategy is put in place. A good cloud management setup ensures that your cloud migration makes sense not just from a technology standpoint, but from a business standpoint as well. We at SparkMyCloud will use our extensive cloud infrastructure experience to help you institute the right cloud management approach that is appropriate for your business needs.

Before you begin to roll out your public, private or a hybrid cloud, it is important that you pay attention to the business reasons that will help you pick the right cloud strategy.

Some of the reasons to use our cloud management services include:

1. 24/7 uptime: If you are operating a mission critical business, where transaction happens throughout the day, one cannot stress enough the importance of uptime. Sales would be affected, and employee productivity will go down during an outage. Customers around the world have taken a 24/7 uptime for granted, thanks to the performance of companies like Google and Facebook, and are quick to vent their ire when your servers go down. Our cloud management methods can help you identify issues that could lead to a major outage. Customers are given priority email, phone and web access to reach our support team round the clock.

2. Managing constantly changing requirements: There will be several requirements from the customer side to have changes to the cloud that they have already rolled out. It is not easy to adapt those changes by the application unless we build a suitable infrastructure for that. With our experience, coupled with our knowledge, we can deliver any sort of custom requirements on the cloud.

3. Security compliance: The data hosted on the cloud must be kept secure and there are a number of government and corporate regulations that stipulate various compliance levels to be adhered. Cloud strategies that don't comply to the compliance audits can invite strict penalties from the authorities. Our cloud management services employ systematic logging and audit tools that help you stay compliant with the various security related regulations. We will make sure that your cloud environment is maintained correctly and ready for audits and inspection, any time.

4. Disaster recovery: Cloud computing is about flexibility and availability that helps you mitigate the accidents and disasters. Our cloud management tools helps you prevent most disasters and will provide you the right recovery plans incase a disaster happens. We ensure that your applications recover fast, and your data are retrieved without any loss.