VoIP technologies have fundamentally changed how telephony works in an enterprise. With cloud computing, it is destined to change further. Cloud computing offers VoIP providers a significant reliability, cost reduction and scalability that can help take their solution to even greater depths. Sparkmycloud can assist voice service providers and companies running their voice solutions to migrate their IT Infrastructure to cloud.

Here are the advantages of migrating VoIP services to the cloud:

  • Reliability:Voice calls form a very crucial element of enterprise collaboration and a high reliability and availability are expected these days of VoIP providers. However, when you maintain all the servers by yourself high reliability is hard to obtain. Maintaining geo-redundancy and extra resource backups can be very expensive. In a cloud, on the contrary, you can maintain a high degree of availability and reliability as service outages in many particular CPU can be dynamically set right by other resources plugged elsewhere in the cloud.
  • Maintenance: A data center consumes a lot of human and material resources. You need to keep track of the changes in hardware and software ecosystem while also keeping track of security vulnerabilities etc. For a lot of companies the maintenance is out of their scope and is not their core strength. In cloud computing, you worry only about your VoIP service and outsource the maintenance aspects.
  • Data security: A point related to maintenance is keeping track of data security. VoIP might involve confidential calls withing an enterprise and it is very essential to keep this data safe. It might be very expensive in a traditional VoIP operation to ensure the security of your data and protecting it from unauthorized access. In a cloud, the provider might be able to spread the security costs across a number of clients and thus could be able to provide better data security.
  • Cost control: Owning your own data centers can be very expensive. You pay for the hardware resources, software updates, power, cooling and technical support required to maintain the infrastructure. In cloud computing you typically pay only for the resources you utilize and not for the down times. This allows you to maintain a highly efficient operation.

We offer you full support to migrate your VoIP services to the cloud and seamless run it from there.